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Recording influenza vaccinations on the National Immunisation Solution (NIS)

The NIS is different from both the current National Immunisation Register (NIR) (which it will replace)and the COVID-19 Immunisation Register (CIR) (which it will eventually supersede). It is beginning with an initial rollout to support the Influenza Immunisation Programme 2022 by capturing and reporting the influenza vaccines delivered. The NIS will continue to evolve and develop throughout the remainder of 2022.

All influenza vaccinations, both privately and publicly funded, need to be reported onto the NIS.

Providers of influenza vaccinations are asked to ensure they are capturing influenza vaccinations via either of two channels:

• Channel 1: Providers with an electronically linked PMS that report onto the NIR will continue to record their influenza vaccinations as usual.

• Channel 2: Start using direct entry into the NIS via the ‘Flu form’ which will be hosted on the CIR. If you think this first phase of the NIS will affect the way that you record influenza vaccinations, please get in touch with the NIS Team via NIS.engagement@health.govt.nz