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Contraindications and precautions to receiving inactivated influenza vaccine

Who should not receive the vaccine?

Influenza vaccination is contraindicated for individuals who have had documented anaphylaxis to any ingredient in the vaccine or to a previous dose of inactivated influenza vaccine. These individuals should not receive the vaccine.

AFLURIA QUAD, AFLURIA QUAD JUNIOR, FLUAD QUAD or FLUQUADRI can be given to people with egg allergy or egg anaphylaxis. These vaccines can be administered to people with a history of egg allergy or egg anaphylaxis at general practices, pharmacies or at the workplace, although the data sheet advises caution in people who have a history of egg anaphylaxis. Studies have shown that influenza vaccines containing one microgram or less of ovalbumin do NOT trigger anaphylaxis in sensitive individuals

Seafood, shellfish or other food allergy or anaphylaxis

People with a seafood or shellfish allergy or anaphylaxis can receive influenza vaccine, including FLUAD QUAD that contains the MF-59 adjuvant derived from shark liver.

A person with confirmed allergy or anaphylaxis to chicken meat or chicken protein should discuss whether to receive an influenza vaccine with their immunologist. In making the decision with the person, the immunologist will balance the potential for residual chicken protein and the person's individual sensitivity with the risks of influenza and potential benefits of influenza vaccination.

Allergy or anaphylaxis to other foods are not a contraindication for influenza vaccination.

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