Promoting and supporting influenza immunisation

This website and the national annual influenza promotional campaign is brought to you by The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC).


In the North Island, FLUAD® QUAD is out of stock. North Island providers now need to order AFLURIA® QUAD for adults aged 65 years or older.


  • Approved for use in children aged 5 years or older and adults.
  • In the North Island, AFLURIA QUAD is now the vaccine to order for adults aged 65 years or older as FLUAD QUAD is out of stock.
  • Funded for children and adults who met the influenza vaccination eligibility criteria.
  • Available for those who do not meet the funded eligibility criteria through private immunisation providers (general practitioners or pharmacists or occupational health) at a cost.

Quick links

Administration and answers to some frequently asked questions about influenza vaccination webpage with information about waiting time post-influenza vaccination, spacing of influenza and other vaccines, and much more.

COVID-19 vaccine resources webpage with links to PDF files of the COVID-19 resources included in provider Influenza Immunisation Programme information packs, and the websites other resources can be downloaded from.

Resources webpage where you can download the Everything you need to know about FLU handbook and some programme resources, order programme resources, and link to HealthEd for immunisation related resources.

Providers can email queries about the Influenza Immunisation Programme to the Ministry of Health at [email protected].