Everything Healthcare Professionals need to know about the 2015 Influenza Season

This website and the national Annual Influenza Awareness Campaign, is brought to you by NISG (the National Influenza Specialist Group). NISG is a not-for-profit group of expert Kiwi doctors and nurses, whose aim is to promote the benefits of immunisation for those most at risk.

More than a million New Zealanders get annual immunisation against influenza. Protecting pregnant women and their babies will be a special focus, plus we would particularly like healthcare professionals to encourage all eligible adults, including younger people, who have ongoing medical conditions to consider FREE immunisation.

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As you know, healthcare professionals have the biggest influence on a person’s decision to immunise against influenza by providing information and prompting them into action. Support from health professionals like you keeps our communities healthy by reducing influenza. Thank you.

Important Information

National Influenza Immunisation Campaign 2015 - Clarification re launch of influenza immunisation programme

We would like to clarify a statement made in the Ministry of Health’s GP Update of March 24.  The Update says the national launch of the influenza programme will be on April 21.  This date refers to the launch of the National Influenza Specialist Group media advertising and PR campaign only. 

You may start vaccinating as soon as you receive supplies of vaccine. You do not have to wait till April 21.

The funded influenza vaccines for 2015 are INFLUVAC® (Abbott Pharmaceuticals) and FLUARIX® (GSK).  Claim submissions for any other influenza vaccines will not be accepted. INFLUVAC® is the only funded vaccine in the country at this point.  FLUARIX® (GSK) will be here shortly.

FLUVAX® ( bioCSL) is not funded and is not recommended for use in children under 9 years of age.


First shipment of funded influenza vaccine being sent to providers - Ministry of Health (please refer to Important News 26 March for full document)

The first shipment of 208,000 doses of the funded influenza vaccine (INFLUVAC®) is being sent to providers earlier than expected.

Healthcare Logistics have begun to send this vaccine to providers who have pre-ordered it.

Providers in the North Island are likely to receive their vaccine pre-orders this week or early next week, and pre-ordered vaccine deliveries will commence on Monday 30 March in the South Island.

As there are a significant number of pre-orders it is not likely that any new orders received this week will be distributed until after Easter.

Please do not book your clinics before the stock has arrived. 


2015 - information and resources relating to influenza and pregnancy

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