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A pack containing the 2018 Flu Kit booklet and associated printed resources are in the process of being mailed out to occupational groups including general practice staff, midwives/LMCs, pharmacists, healthcare workers and private vaccinators. Some of these resources can be reordered but quantities are limited.

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Electronic copies

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General resources

2018 Influenza Kit - Everything you need to know about FLU
2018 Vaccine order form
Patient consent form   (PDF version)   (Word version)
Vaccine comparison chart
After immunisation information
SHIVERS serosurvery asymptomatic flu - 4 out of 5 people infected show no symptoms of influenza
Flu fact sheet for Healthcare Workers
Asymptomatic influenza transmission

Resources for General Practice                                                                       

Flu can be anywhere brochure
Avoid FLU during pregnancy brochure
Waiting room Q & A poster  A3 size





Resources for Midwife/LMC                                                                    

Avoid FLU during pregnancy   (Brochure)    (Poster)
Pregnancy and influenza - Frequently asked questions



Resources for DHB & Private Hospital

Your flu could harm a patient brochure
Venue poster

Target poster
I've been immunised sticker


Resources for Workplace Vaccinator

Flu can be anywhere brochure
Venue poster


Resources for Pharmacy

Flu can be anywhere brochure

Waiting room Q & A poster 
Eligibility card


Further resources available

2018 Flu kit references list
2018 Influenza PowerPoint



Funded influenza vaccine data sheets

Influvac® Tetra 

Fluarix® Tetra (data sheet pending)


General flu resource

The general flu resources have been translated by Pacific International Translations. They are available for you to download and print and/or use in your own resources, please see table opposite.

The general flu resource has a Flesch reading ease grade of 5–6, which is considered to be very easy to read, using conversational English.



English Word PDF
Māori Word   PDF 
Samoan      Word PDF 
Tongan  Word PDF 
Cook Island Māori  Word PDF
Simplified Chinese Word PDF
Hindi   Word  PDF
Filipino - uploaded soon    


DHB promotional activities

If your DHB wishes to tailor its influenza campaign and utilise the NISG 2018 branding, please complete this approval form. The campaign’s advertising agency will be responsible for creating any artwork for you and a cost will apply.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering of resources, please Send an email


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