Recording influenza immunisation on the National Immunisation Register (NIR)

Ideally all influenza vaccinations are recorded on the NIR. This provides invaluable information for the planning of the programme to protect our population. For more information please refer to the section on ‘Recording influenza vaccinations on the NIR’ on page 7 of the 2017 Influenza Kit. 

From 2017, the NIR web browser called Immunise Now will be used by pharmacist vaccinators to record influenza vaccinations on the NIR. If a general practice has previously recorded their patient’s influenza vaccination on the NIR and this patient is then vaccinated by a pharmacist, the general practice will get an electronic notification that this vaccination has occurred. Pharmacist vaccinators are still required to inform an individual’s GP when they have administered an influenza vaccine. It is planned for this process to be fully automated in the future. An influenza coverage report is available for providers including general practice with access to the Business Objects NIR Datamart. The report provides information by DHB, PHO, Ethnicity and Deprivation.