Ordering and storage

Influenza vaccine ordering is handled by Healthcare Logistics (HCL). You can order in two ways:

Online (preferred option, registration required): www.hcl.co.nz
Fax order form to: 0508 408 358*
*Faxed and emailed orders will incur a $10 handling fee.

 Click on the link to download the Influenza vaccine form for faxed or emailed orders.

Enquiries can be made by calling: 0508 425 358

Cost of the influenza vaccine

The vaccine costs $9.00 (excl. GST) per dose. For people eligible for funded influenza vaccine, the vaccine is free (i.e. no vaccine cost and no administration service cost to the person). General practices can claim for the cost of the vaccine and the immunisation benefit for administration of a funded influenza vaccine to an eligible individual via the usual Sector Services process.

Note: Claims can only be made when the vaccine is given during the funded Influenza Immunisation Programme, from 1 April 2019 through 31 December 2019.

Influenza vaccine is still available following the funded period, however, all patients will have to pay for it.

How much is the immunisation subsidy?

$21.00 (excl. GST)

Order or delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges. However, faxed or emailed orders incur a manual order processing fee of $10 per order. This fee can be avoided by ordering online.

Minimum order requirements?

The total influenza vaccine order must meet minimum quantities as follows:

March April May June July Aug-Dec
Min 60 doses Min 60 doses Min 60 doses Min 30 doses Min 20 doses Min 10 doses

Small surgeries struggling to meet the minimum dose requirements, please contact HCL on 0508 425 358.

Notes for providers:

  • Please, only order FLUARIX® TETRA when required to vaccinate children aged under 3 years, i.e. aged 6–35 months. 
  • Please do not stockpile FLUARIX® TETRA doses.

Influenza vaccine chilly bins

Influenza vaccine chilly bins cannot be recycled. To reduce wastage when ordering, please consider your expected usage. A small bin holds 60 doses, a medium chilly bin holds up to 120 doses, a large bin holds up to 180 doses, the extra-large bin holds up to 500 doses.

Vaccine availability


  • Claims for funded influenza vaccines given before 1 April will not be accepted.
  • Deliveries are expected to begin in time for the Programme start date of 1 April 2019.


  • Orders can now be placed for FLUARIX® TETRA. Orders are restricted to five (5) doses.
  • Please reserve FLUARIX® TETRA for children aged 6–35 months of age.
  • Funded if administered to eligible children aged under 3 years, i.e. 6–35 months, from 1 April through 31 December.
  • FLUARIX® TETRA deliveries are expected to begin later in April 2019. Please do not book clinics for young children until you have the vaccine in your refrigerator.

Please do not organise clinics before your vaccine stock has arrived. The Influenza Immunisation Programme starts from 1 April.

Influenza vaccine stock damaged in transit

Influenza vaccine damaged in transit may be returned to Healthcare Logistics for destruction. Please contact Healthcare Logistics 0508 425 358 before returning.

Refund for unused/expired funded influenza vaccine

Please ensure you continue to have influenza vaccine stock available until 31 December for those who are eligible for influenza vaccination. One refund will be available for a total of 10 doses of unused INFLUVAC® TETRA and/or one dose of unused FLUARIX® TETRA from any one account. To be eligible for a refund, the unused stock must be returned prior to 31 January 2020. Contact Healthcare Logistics on 0508 425 358 to request a Return Authorisation.

The shelf life of the influenza vaccine 

All influenza vaccines are marked with an expiry date that should be checked before vaccine administration.

Cold Chain

The vaccines must be stored between +2°C and +8°C at all times. They must not be frozen.

Temperature-monitored chilly bins must be used if vaccines are temporarily stored outside the vaccine refrigerator or being transported. Refer to the National Standards for Vaccine Storage and Transportation for Immunisation Providers 2017 (available at www.health.govt.nz/coldchain).

If vaccines have been stored outside the required temperature range, quarantine the vaccines and contact your Immunisation/Cold Chain Coordinator.

Temperature logging devices

A temperature logging device and instructions may be included with your order.