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Update to flu kit booklet information

Update to flu kit booklet information

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Three updates to flu kit booklet information:

  • Page 9 bottom left paragraph on chicken protein:  Please cross out this paragraph. It is safe for people with a chicken protein or chicken meat allergy to be    vaccinated as there are no chicken fibroblasts in the 2023 influenza vaccines.
  • Page 7 bottom right paragraph: The third sentence should read ‘These proteins are harvested and purified from influenza virus which is grown in embryonated hen’s eggs and inactivated with beta‑propiolactone or formaldehyde’. Please add in ‘beta‑propiolactone or’.
  • Further information about source of MF59: FLUAD QUAD contains an adjuvant, MF59, to enhance the person’s immune response to the vaccine. MF59 is a squalene-based oil-in-water adjuvant that has been used in influenza vaccines since 1997. Although squalene is produced naturally in the human body, the squalene used in the influenza vaccines is derived from the spiny dog fish, an abundant species of shark. Squalene is also used during the manufacture of food, cosmetics, and medicines. MF59 in influenza vaccines has an excellent safety record. Source: influenza.org.nz/clinical-info/safety-influenza-vaccines

The online document will be updated in the near future.