Syringe label on Influvac Tetra

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Influvac Tetra syringes are provided with a flag label that is designed to be removed by peeling off and tearing along a serrated line on the label. Mylan, the manufacturer of Influvac Tetra, has advised that with most syringes the additional flag label is not completely adhered to the syringe barrel. The problem with the label does not affect the quality of the vaccine. Mylan apologise for any inconvenience caused for vaccinators. A letter from Mylan explaining the above will be included with each order of Influvac Tetra dispatched by Healthcare Logistics. 

Click on this link to view the Mylan letter to be distributed with Influvac Tetra orders.

Photograph supplied by Mylan to demonstrate Influvac Tetra syringe labels not completely adhered to syringe barrel.