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Seqirus update on FLUAD Quad stock levels and demand

Seqirus update on FLUAD Quad stock levels and demand

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

And we have also had strong uptake of our FLUAD Quad vaccine, an adjuvanted influenza vaccine available to New Zealanders aged 65 years and over.


While this high level of uptake has strengthened health outcomes for thousands of our vulnerable population, demand for FLUAD Quad from paying patients has exceeded our forecasts and the domestic stock of FLUAD Quad has nearly been fully allocated. There is now only a small amount of stock available in the South Island.


We have ample stock of our Afluria Quad vaccine, which is available as a funded alternative for patients 65 years and over.


We recognise that some customers will be disappointed with not being able to purchase FLUAD Quad and we will consider this changing customer preference as we prepare for the 2023 influenza period.


If you have any questions please contact us at nzadmin@seqirus.com


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