Ministry of Health Immunisation Update

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Influenza campaign

In this emailed Ministry of Health Immunisation Update, the Ministry reported on the status of Influvac Tetra stock, and highlighted the reduced mini,mum order quantities that came into effect from 24 June 2021.

Influvac Tetra update

The Ministry advised that there is limited Influvac Tetra stock available to order from Healthcare Logistics (HCL). Nearly all Influvac Tetra supplied for this year’s programme has been distributed to immunisation providers around New Zealand. PHARMAC has confirmed that no more Influvac Tetra is available to be brought into New Zealand.

This does not mean there is no Influvac Tetra remaining in New Zealand. The National Immunisation Register shows that less than 25% of the distributed vaccine has been administered. At the local and regional level, immunisation providers have stock of Influvac Tetra.

HCL have reserved the remaining doses of Influvac Tetra. Please phone HCL directly to order  vaccine if needed to immunise children aged three and four who are eligible for a funded vaccine.

Please only give Influvac Tetra to three and four-year olds so everyone who wants a flu vaccine can get one.

Unlike previous years, Afluria Quad was not approved for use in three and four year olds in 2021. This year, Influvac Tetra was the vaccine approved for use in three and four years old and 10,614 doses were supplied. In 2020, 11,312 children aged three and four were immunised against influenza, while in 2019, 7,334 children of the same age group were immunised.

Minimum orders for flu vaccines

The minimum order quantity for flu vaccines has been reduced from 60 to 30, ie a single order must be 30 doses or more. This took effect from 24 June, earlier than originally planned. This includes Afluria Quad Junior, Afluria Quad and Fluad Quad.  The decision reflects the reduced demand for flu vaccines as we move further into the programme.