New Zealand Immunisation strategy

Who should be vaccinated?

Influenza continues to be a major threat to publichealth worldwide because of its ability to spread rapidly through populations. Anyone aged 6 months or older can be vaccinated against influenza.

The influenza vaccination is funded for certain groups of people who are considered to be at greater risk of complications from influenza. The vaccination is recommended (although not funded), to reduce the risk of spread of the disease, for those who
are in close contact with individuals at high risk of complications.

Eligibility for funded seasonal vaccine

INFLUVAC® is funded if administered to eligible people by 31 December 2017. Influenza vaccination before winter offers the best protection.

Note: INFLUVAC® is a Prescription Medicine. For full prescribing information please refer to the data sheets at

1. Pregnant women (any trimester)

2. Anyone aged 6 months to 65 years with one or more of the following medical conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease cerebrovascular disease
  • Chronic respiratory disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer, excluding basal and squamous skin cancers if not invasive
  • Other conditions (chronic renal disease, autoimmune disease, immune suppression, human immunodeficiency virus, transplant recipients, neuromuscular and central nervous systems diseases, haemoglobinopathies, children on long term aspirin)
  • Children aged 4 years and under who have been hospitalised for a respiratory illness, or have a history of significant respiratory illness

3. Anyone aged 65 years or over